6 Tips for Planning a Successful School Trip Early

At Open Doors Travel, we feel that as a teacher, you and your students must wish to get out of the classroom and experience some real-life learning. However, life is busy, and with all the things that need to be completed before the school year is out, we can guess that planning a trip can get pushed farther down the list. This is where Open Doors Travel can support and fill the travel planning gap. 

Pre-pandemic, the thought of organizing a school trip was daunting. And now, planning has become an even more significant challenge from securing transportation, labour shortages, navigating access to events and attractions, and cost considerations. At Open Doors Travel, we came up with our top 6 early planning tips for educators to ease back into travel planning.

Tip 1 – Find the Best Time to Travel

Find the best time to travel within the school calendar and ask your administrator if there are any destination restrictions. It’s crucial to keep school vacations, exam schedules, and other events and activities in mind. After picking a few dates and speaking with your administration, contact Open Doors Travel for the next steps.

Tip 2 – You’re Not Alone in Planning a Trip

Decide on your travel partner – you’re not in this alone. This is one of the most significant decisions you will have to make at the beginning of the process, and choosing the right partner can either make or break a tour. In the past, it was possible to start planning a tour in the fall. However, it takes much more time and energy to research and prepare for a group trip in the new normal. You will wish to consult with a company that specializes in educational tours. At Open Doors Travel, we know everyone’s travel style is unique. We will work with you one-on-one to offer you a range of ideas and possibilities you may have never considered before during our conversations. It is supporting you and your student’s families throughout the process, from choosing “hidden gem” destinations, planning transportation, and being there to answer questions and concerns.

Tip 3 – Travel Budget

Remain realistic when considering what your students and their families will be able to afford. This is where Open Doors Travel can guide you. There is no easy way around this – hotels, transportation, activities, and food costs are rising. At Open Doors Travel, we have been compiling a few affordable destinations that we consider “hidden gems” that can provide equally rewarding experiences.

Tip 4 – Securing Transportation

You are securing transportation right away. Whether it’s motorcoaches, ferries, trains, or flights, you’ll want your travel provider to make this their No. 1 priority. The transportation industry, much like other sectors, is experiencing labour shortages. It’s key to book as far in advance to ensure you get the best transportation possible.   At Open Doors Travel, we pride ourselves on our connections to help leverage and secure this for you so that you can breathe easier.

Tip 5 – Travel Documentation

If you get the green light to travel internationally, it’s time to dust off those passports. It’s essential to determine if all travellers have their documents, visas, and vaccinations. Even though many passport renewal operations are running, government agencies are still backlogged. They may take days (if you can afford it) or weeks, if not months, to process new paperwork. Our wish is not to leave anyone behind for not having the proper documentation. Our recommendation is to begin the process for a brand new passport or renewal at least four to six months in advance. 

Tip 6 – Access to Activities

Access to events, festivals, workshops, and attractions varies widely. Even destinations with fewer restrictions are still experiencing reopening delays. Remember, this is the time for patience and flexibility for yourself, your students, and their families. We find at Open Doors Travel there are always alternatives and solutions when we are going through the booking process. And without a doubt, something unexpected always seems to happen during the trip. One of the benefits of travelling with Open Doors Travel is that you can relax while one of our TOUR HOSTS deals with the unexpected. Sometimes the most memorable experiences are less planned and on the fly.

Begin working on your next group trip adventure today. The planning experience will be far more positive and rewarding by being prepared, flexible, and adaptable in advance. Remember, your students will have a wonderful time being in a new environment.

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