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It’s so much fun to travel with others. Stories are made and memories shared.

Explore. Learn. Discover.

Open Doors Travel provides a complete, customized travel experience full of purpose, learning and fun for all who yearn to learn and explore.

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For all who yearn to learn and explore, Open Doors Travel provides a complete, customized travel experience full of purpose, learning and fun. There are two ways to GO with us – it’s your choice!   Scheduled Small Pre-Designed Journey or Private & Customized Tours.  

Smaller Group Travel

You will enjoy a more intimate travel tour experience with a smaller group.

Fully Customized

Our team will add your list of specific travel requirements on your itinerary of your tour.

Local Guides

Tour managers work with local guides who know the lay of the land and share their passion.

Authentic Cuisine

Trying the local cuisine is a good way to learn the local culture. and enrich one's travel adventure.

Handpicked Hotels

It is important to have the right hotel on your trip. It is the place to unwind after a long day

Easy Airfare Options

We stay current with the latest news and updates with the airlines.

Flexibility with Time

Options to add activities or enjoy free time.

24/7 Emergency Line

You’re not alone during travel.

Places to dream about

Destinations and Experiences

Each itinerary is focused upon one or more “core concepts” intended to provide unique insights into a destination. 


Top Travel Destinations for Adult Groups

Explore. Learn. Discover.

Oh the places you can go!

Top Emerging Destinations

Top Travel Experiences

The Pied Piper

Group Leader: YOUR People. YOUR Dates.

As a group leader seeking to organize, administer and oversee the operations of your inner circle?  As the “middle person” between the travellers and a tour company, look no further than to us to partner with.  Trust in our expertise to provide the necessary booking information in an easy-to-understand way, giving yourself the confidence to disseminate information to all parties involved when it comes to the travel arrangements.

Time is money and rather than being a travel company for the masses, we intend to create niche “special interest tours” that fits your group’s exact needs.

Explore some of our unique sample itineraries for inspiration. Reach out to start customizing your own fantastic experience today!

Join us on a Designed Group Tour

Don’t have time to plan and manage a trip?  Open Doors Travel offers clients comprehensive travel arrangements while providing the greatest level of flexibility and customer service. Contact us to learn more about our future tour groups.

Open Doors Travel recommends and offers Manulife travel insurance.

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