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Travel Numbers

We call this shadow traveling.  We can arrange flights, insurance and post-travel needs for any parent or guardian wishing to travel on a school-sanctioned trip (with school approval).


Typically breakfast & dinners are included in the price of the tour. For breakfast, it will either be a traditional continental or American Full served. Dinner will typically include an appetizer, main and dessert. In North America, pop and water can be added with a meal. For International Packages, typically water is offered on the tables at dinner; each individual can then purchase a drink on their own if they wish. 

Yes, a gratuity is included in the cost of a meal.  


Student Groups: No, to keep costs to a minimum for student travel, we have not included portage at hotels, with the exception of hotels or resorts where it is mandatory.

Adult Groups: Yes, portage is included.

Booking Process & Payment Schedule

Open Doors Travel provides customized tour planning from start to finish, combining industry experience with expert advice  in student travel.

Proposals will include key elements as per the client’s request and budget for as much or as little as the client would like included.  Our service will allow for suggestions based on our knowledge and experience in the planning process and destination.  The proposal will include payment options for families.  

 We recommend and refer you to Manulife Travel Insurance which offers a bounty of different products to suit any type of travel insurance need.

In order to tap into group rates, the minimum number of people we need to travel as a group is 12.

What to expect on Tour

Please let us know in advance if you require extra assistance. We will provide it where we can.


Yes. Find the latest travel requirements for your trip with Sherpa