Bata Shoe Museum
Bata Shoe Museum Collection

The Woman Behind the Bata Shoe Museum - a stop on the Fashion & Design Tour

Do you know the story of the amazing woman behind the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto?

Sonja Bata was the wife of Czech-Canadian shoe giant Thomas Bata. She was an incredible woman who not only played a huge role in the success of Bata Shoes but also had a passion for collecting rare and historic shoes that she found along her travels. Her vast collection led to the creation of the Bata Shoe Museum which now houses the world’s largest array of historic footwear.

Apart from her work with Bata, she also made great contributions to Canadian business, arts, design and the environment, was appointed Officer of the Order of Canada and received a medal from the United Nations’ Environmental Program.

As part of the Fashion & Design Tour, a visit to the Bata Shoe Museum is included, which celebrates the style, development, and function of footwear in a stunning exhibition space.  Explore the world at your feet through a stunning collection of more than 13,000 shoes and related artifacts that span 4,500 years of history in four impressive galleries. 

The group will be given a private tour of the museum and exhibitions on view in the galleries.  If you wish to book this trip or learn more contact us.