How much luggage should I bring for the Fashion Design Tour to Montréal & Toronto Part 1

For some of us, it’s been a while since we’ve had to think about what to pack for a trip, not to mention which suitcase or bag to dust off.   Before considering what to pack for the Fashion and Design Tour, decide what size luggage you wish to bring. Ask yourself these questions when deciding on a suitcase to use for any journey:

  • How long is the trip?
  • How fast-paced is the itinerary?
  • Are you planning to travel to one destination or move from area to area?
  • How prone are you to overpacking? (Sage advice from Erika, our owner, if you know you’ll never wear half of what you bring, remove it from the list. Remember you can always pick up items along the way)

The next decision will be whether you plan to fly with carry-on only or check a bag?   On this tour the 1st bag is included. Lucky you! Just remember to keep it under 23kg/50lbs!  The group will also be travelling by train so you could get away with a slightly larger roller suitcase remember, you’ll need to lift your suitcase from the platform and onto the train.

Once we arrive at our destination, you’re going to want a reliable and safe day bag to carry around the essentials such as your water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, wallet, phone, and camera. We suggest something that gives you the freedom to explore hands-free, such as a travel backpack that is cute but durable.

This might be the trip where you wish to shop…a lot! Don’t forget a foldable bag that gets all your goodies and souvenirs home safe and sound.  Grab a lightweight carry-on size duffel, place it in your suitcase and if you have a need for it,  the bag is there for you.  It’s never an inconvenience!

If we’ve missed something tell us and we will be happy to add it.  If you wish to book this trip or learn more contact us at Luggage Tips