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Open Doors Travel provides comprehensive travel arrangements along with the greatest level of flexibility and customer service.  Feel confident and trust in your group leader’s ability to guide you through the tour process.  We supply group leaders with the necessary tools to disseminate information in an easy to understand way. 

Group Leader’s Journey Backpack

Open Doors Travel makes it easy for educators to book a tour.  For those that do not have the time to plan and manage a trip we can lift this burden off your shoulders and will supply you the necessary tools to be confident in the process each step of the way. 


As an educator that enjoys planning each journey on your own, we can assist in pulling together certain tour components that are essential for successful.  As the group leader – you’re the star of the show and we want to make you shine. 

Ways we assist to make your travel extraordinary:

Easy to book - Planning student travel from A to Z "one stop shop." Customized to meet group budget & needs. Step out of the classroom and into the world.

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