The Quintessential Gypsy Spirit: The Solo Traveler

The solo traveler is a maverick. They have a vision of where they want to go and what they want to see – on their terms. No worries about rising at a certain time or rushing to meet a tour group about to explore an action-filled itinerary. However, there’s a price to pay – the most important of all is the possibility of loneliness and not being able to share stories with someone you travelled with years later.

For this traveller, it pays to check in with a predesigned tour with an experienced tour guide for part of the journey. You will be able to let a more experienced guide handle the minute decision-making for a change with professional tour managers setting a well-thought-out agenda. To stay in researched good hotels and restaurants to dine in at night. With a group who share the same passion for travel as you do. And best of all – you make friends you can share your travel experience with years later.

Customized Tours

Customized Tours – a private customized itinerary allows the solo traveler to do things their way and not  mingle with strangers on a public group trip.  Working with the Group Leader, you design a proposal curated to your needs, wants, and budget.  Narrowing down possibilities to a realistic plan, where dates are set to work around your schedule, you can travel at your own pace, stay in accommodations of your choosing within your budget, and enjoy enriched experiences tailored to your specifications.

Pre-designed Tours

Alternatively, you can enrich your travel experience by joining others on a Pre-designed package tour for a set time. Following a set tour, you’ll learn about the region, the history and the culture with ease that a local travel guide provides. They will teach how to shop and haggle at markets like the locals, provide money-handling tips and learn the best hangouts where the locals go. Your tour buddies can watch your back (and your stuff). And best of all – you  end the day relaxing together with a good meal and a glass of wine at a restaurant, cafe or bistro that reflects the local culture. You’ll come away with tips on how to enrich your travel experience.  When the tour is done, the solo traveler can go back to continuing his/her solo journey with new friendships behind them. 

We at Open Doors Travel welcome all enquiries about joining a group tour. We are developing new tours regularly. Contact us to find out what we offer and what future tours are coming up. 

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