Harricana - Atelier Boutique

Upcycled! Visit to Harricana in Montréal

It might be challenging to narrow down a list of all the incredible designers with collections that range from the avant-garde to timeless elegance in Montréal.   But one such boutique we highlight and visit on the Fashion & Design Tour is Harricana  – an Atelier Boutique founded and run by an incredible woman, Mariouche Gagné who launched her first collection in 1994. She launched her business with a vision to craft products in line with her deep respect for nature and ethical outlook on fashion. 

“For nearly 30 years, we’ve been handing down emotions from past generations through the recycling of high-quality fashion apparel. With expertise and passion, we transform gorgeous old furs, tweed jackets, silk and cashmere scarfs and sweaters, jeans and wedding gowns and breathe new life into unique pieces, proving that fashion can be sustainable.”  Mariouche Gagné.

Upcycling (a new word for me and I’ve learned it’s big in the world of apparel) is the process of giving a worn item a makeover, transforming it into a new and even higher-quality selection.  Sprucing up a garment, recycling it and giving it a new style or create an entirely different garment. 

According to Small Biz Trends “Fashionistas love to give old fashions a new lease on life, upcycle clothes and create trendy, eco-friendly fashions.” They also love wearing one-of-a-kind upcycled garments. It’s no wonder upcycling clothes is such an increasingly popular fashion trend. 

The fashion industry is not friendly to the environment. As consumers grow more environmentally conscious, upcycling surplus clothing has surged in popularity. The fashion industry is notorious for fast fashion (where trendy items are mass produced quickly and inexpensively) resulting in poor quality and a highly negative environmental impact.

Rather than sending enormous amounts to the landfill, the fashions are revived by upcycling them into new dresses, skirts, jackets and fashion accessories. Plus, by upcycling their own used clothing into new garments, fashion lovers can expand their wardrobes while reducing their carbon footprints by wearing sustainable fashion.”

After learning more about the Harricana mission and touring the unique space the group will have an opportunity to create their own personal upcycled fur Pompom in a warm and friendly atmosphere with one of their fur experts.  Pick your own piece of upcycled fur from a vast selection of materials and create a timeless masterpiece that you can proudly hang from a toque or as fashion accessory on your purse or key chain.

Want to join us for this one-of-a-kind experience at Harricana? Book this trip or learn more by emailing us at info@opendoorstravel.ca.