Multigenerational Trip

5 Tips for Pre-Planning an AH-mazing Multi-generational Family Trip

Taking a larger group on a trip together can be intimidating and stressful (to put it lightly). If your family wants to plan a large group trip with both young, old(er) and everyone in between, there are many things to consider. Here are our top 5 tips for planning an AH-mazing multi-generational family trip, so everyone has fun!

Choose one “planner”

Have you ever been to a family dinner where everyone tries to tell you exactly how they think you should cook your turkey? It’s not easy (or fun). Similarly, when planning a large family group trip, choose one or two representatives to play a key role in trip planning. Choose people for these primary planning roles who are organized, meticulous, and understand the needs and requirements of other members of your family. Then, you can present a short list of options for family members to provide input on if you wish.  

Set specific goals

Why are you taking this multi-generational family trip? If your goal is to relax and drink wine, maybe a Tuscany villa would be good. If your family is more outdoorsy, perhaps a camping trip to the Grand Canyon, where Grandma and Grandpa can stay in a local resort or lodge instead of the tent with the kids. Maybe you’re planning for a large family reunion. Knowing the goal of your trip can help you narrow down the location, accommodation, and activities. 

Planning is a marathon…not a sprint, 

There are many moving parts to consider when planning a trip that includes multiple generations of guests. You need to ensure that everyone’s unique needs are met. Don’t feel you need to plan everything in a day. Take your time and work with a knowledgeable travel professional who can do some of the research for you. 

When planning, consider each person’s age, physical ability, and likes and dislikes.

Money matters

Our best clients are not the ones who say “money is no object” (although those are still great clients to have). We prefer the ones who know how much they want to spend. This helps us, as travel experts, plan an itinerary that works within the bounds of their finances. It means we spend less time wowing you with unique activities you could never afford and more time showing you itineraries that are within your reach. You don’t always have to pinch pennies to have a good trip. A good travel consultant can show you where you can save and which extra or add-on is actually worth the cost. 

Happy kids = happy adults

Do the kids’ attitudes rule your family? We’ve noticed that if the kids are unhappy on a trip, the parents will be unhappy and resentful too. With multi-generational travel, this can get complicated because Grandma may want to chill at the beach, but the kids just want to run around. Find a balance or plan multiple activities so everyone in your group, kids and Grandma included has activities they can enjoy. Don’t be afraid to have two activity options for your family. For example, on Tuesday afternoon, you could send the “younger” family on a forest hike to the lake while the rest have a pool day. 

How to plan an AH-mazing multi-generational trip 

You may not plan family getaways every day, but we do. It’s our job to help our clients create memorable and unique trips. We can help you easily plan a large group or multi-generational family trip too. Contact us today and tell us about your ideal family holiday, and we’ll help make it come true, so everyone is happy…even Grandma!