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Owner Erika Korstrom has a diverse background of experience in the travel industry. She has a contagious joy for travel. She believes that one of the most important aspects of travel for any age is being curious with a desire to explore. Travel opens doors by allowing one to see through a new lens with a different viewpoint. Travel changes our perspective, gets one out of our comfort zone and provides lifelong learning opportunities of cultures different from our own. 

Open Doors Travel’s primary focus is on theme-based group travel . Erika acknowledges how shared travel experiences enrich the time spent and build lasting friendships. Erika loves collaborating with her clients to craft the perfect trip  by matching her client’s values & desires no matter what their travel experience or knowledge. It is Erika’s mandate to  have her customers’s say “best trip ever!” and have her customers come back again for more adventure.

Why Us? Our Story.

Open Doors Travel specializes in customized group tour packages for travel enthusiasts looking for educational themed travel experiences. Our experienced guides help adults and students alike navigate this beautiful and amazing planet with compassion and understanding. This stance goes far with setting up a harmonious relationship within the group setting to set the stage for unforgettable journeys and memorable experiences.  We are a “one-stop-shop” with unrivalled know-how on travel options, consistent high level of service and attention to detail throughout the collaborative process from start to finish is our goal.  

Our commitment to excellence, quality and social responsibility:

What Guides Us?

Through ongoing community relations and involvement, we hope to nurture personal relationships, build a global network, and spur economic growth while helping create a sustainable planet. As we evolve as a company we look towards the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals as our guide and compass. ”

Owner, Open Doors Travel Ltd.

Customer Experience

Your entire journey is designed as a purpose-driven, educational experience.  Don’t expect to spend 10 minutes at a tourist attraction and then move on.  Our promise is to provide consistent high-quality service, value and to exceed your expectations. We understand that each trip is unique and through collaboration we take a scholarly and holistic approach to customize your next adventure. 

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