5 Ultimate Packing Ideas for the Fashion Design Tour to Montréal & Toronto Part 2

If you’re trying to decide what to pack on your Fashion and Design trip to Montreal and Toronto, you’ve come to the right spot.   As everyone has their personal packing strategy, we’re here to make a few simple suggestions to get you started.

#1. Both cities in August will have hot weather, so be sure to pack light, but remember to bring a light jacket, sweater, and long pants for the evenings (and for shopping in malls and dining out, as air conditioning can make it very cool).

#2. The glamorous city of Montreal feels more like taking a trip to Europe than anywhere in North America and you’ll wish to dress accordingly. On the other hand, Toronto, which is just as sophisticated, has got a more causal vibe.  “Skip anything that screams tourist and opt for slightly more chic.” historyfangirl

#3. In the summer you can wear dark or bright colours and you’ll never go wrong with dresses and skirts that are light and flowy. Pair them with a tank top that can be dressed up with jewelry and simple but elegant accessories. If you’re not into wearing dresses or skirts, then pack additional shirts and capris to wear instead.  For men, simple, sophisticated clothes in any colour palette is fine.

#4. Keep in mind what you will wear on your feet to keep them comfortable and happy.  We recommend at least 2-3 combinational pairs of shoes and sandals for this trip.  A pair of sturdy shoes good for exploring the city on long days, a pair of comfortable sandals for evenings, and flip-flops or similar for when you are back at the hotel relaxing by the pool.

#5. Last, but not least, don’t forget to pack a dress or an equally fabulous outfit to wear for the nightlife in both cities. Remember: pack only the essentials as you’ll be picking up lots of goodies along the way.

Ultimately, the best travel clothes are ones that are versatile, you feel comfortable in with breathable fabrics that hand-dry well.

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